The experiment was a success – an interactive meetup with 70 people on private channels

In the Facebook group of the community the topic of private channels came up and also some interesting discussions. Spontaneously, Raphael Köllner organized an interactive Meetup evening together with Andreas Schlüter and Ansgar Jahns, who both volunteered to participate.

Interactive Meetup with results

After a basic lecture on the basics of private channels we were divided into three groups 1. EDU 2. NGO 3. business/everyday life and discussed in the small groups. Several groups were formed and discussed for 30-40 minutes. At the end we found out that we all discussed almost 100% the same topics with some minor differences in the usage scenarios.



  • technical challenges as major obstacles
  • No migration from private channels to a team
  • No migration from one private channel to another team
  • Users only want to use and basically transfer their file structure 1 to 1 to teams, this is not possible
  • even with private channels (e.g. 10 folder levels in the depth/limits of SharePoint Online)
  • Users do not understand the architecture and so many errors occur (e.g. point 4 of the results)

Results Principles

  1. use few private channels / optimally only by the owner of the group or Global Admin

2. users only want to use

3. technical problems -> rather create teams than private channels

4. private channel members who are not part of the team (main request was not fulfilled / authorization problem)


These can be found in the Microsoft Teams Team starting this weekend.

New topics

for new interactive Meetups. Here we created a little survey:

First wishes are

Metadata vs. folder / Project Syntex / file storage

Problems with Meetup

Since we have massive problems with Meetup not sending all emails reliably, we also use Microsoft Teams and a LinkedIn group through our association.

Become a member of our Microsoft Team with over 250 people:


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